Sos el visitante número

sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

Waiting at the bus stop
I shivered from the cold
When you walked up
It seemed as if
You were outlined all in gold.
You asked me if my shivering
Was out of cold or fear,
I said the cold, I’m not afraid
For you to stand so near.

Then you removed your jacket
And handed it to me,
I shyly refused your jacket,
Embarrassed so, you see.
You put the jacket on my shoulders
And back a step you took.
“I’m Anna”, I said extending my hand.
“Tobias”, you said. We shook

Day after day we stood,
Waiting for the bus,
Not a single word spoken
By either one of us.
Until one day I return to you
And bravely started to say,
I have a crush on you, Tobias,
And also, by the way”

As I started to tell you what it was
That was burning on my mind,
You told me that you liked me, too,
But the words were hard to find.
I smiled a smile that seemed to stretch
To both of my two ears.
The smiling and the happiness
Erasing all my fears.

And now, my friend, you’re dying
And there’s nothing I can do,
But sit with you and hold your hand
And be forever true.
Last night while you were sleeping,
Your soul just slipped away,
The many words that filled my heart
Were impossible to say.
As I was cleaning out the drawer
That stood beside your empty bed,
I found a letter addressed to me
And hear your voice speak as I read.

My darling I am sorry that
I will have to leave so soon,
You know how much I love you
And I know you love me, too.
I hope you won’t forget me
But please do try to move on,
I hope that you won’t cry too much
When I am dead and gone.

Two silent tears slid down my face
And moistened both my cheeks,
I won’t get over the loss of you
Not for days, and not for weeks.
I continued reading the letter
That I held in both my hands,
My fingers numb as if they had
Been wrapped in rubber bands.

Now I’m standing at the bus stop
Where two years ago we met,
And as I stand here in the cold
I feel my cheeks start to get wet.
I don’t think I will get over you,
Never, not in any way,
Our anniversary would have been
Two years ago today.

And on this lonely bus ride,
I sit alone without you near.
I hear a voice that may just be
The voice I’ve longed to hear.
The voice is from and angel
And his words are sweet and strong.
He tells me, “Life’s a treasure.
Learn to love again. Move on”

And through the words he whispers
I finally start to see,
That although I’ll always love you –
It’s time to set you free. 

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