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domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

600627_392941247410466_449460851_n_largeLast september you kissed me, again. Why? Is the way that you play, isn't it? You like feel that I'm crush on you? You broke up with your girl, and then you talk to me for days, like the old times.
But then you ignore me. You don't talk to me, like strangers. And I asked to myself what I did to him? What I did wrong?
So thats feeling it's horrible. When you kiss me I feel like the happiest girl in this world, but then I figure out that you don't care about me, not at all. And now, I can only feel PAIN. You can keep moving on, but I don't.
My friends tell me that you are not good for me, but I'm so stupid that I believe that they're wrong.
I hope that one day you'll fall in love with me.
I love you.

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